Something about me

My background is in humanities and I have spent most of my life working as a translator. I have also written a number books about my spiritual journey, both in Italian and in English, but here I am – now – asking you take a tour of my watercolour studio.

Even though I was introduced to watercolour painting back in 2017, I only got seriously involved in it in September 2019, when I started painting fifty Christmas cards for a fundraising event with charitable purposes. I was so excited in those days that I would wake up at 3.00 o’clock in the morning to paint!

Since then, I have experimented with several media: coloured pencils, water-soluble pencils, graphite, inks, fineliners, gouache, pastel pencils, oil pastels and a whole range of artist-grade watercolour paints: liquid, in tubes and in pans.

When I am immersed in painting, I lose my connection with the here and now and become one with my theme and colours.

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